Water Utility Savings Upgrade


An increasing number of multifamily owners and property managers now recognize the need for water and energy conservation and management, and that need and recognition is mostly driven by increasing water and energy bills and a push by their residents. However, often times they don’t understand how much of the bill they can actually affect.

Step 1 – Property Audit

Our team identifies commercial building water usage and reasonable opportunities for water savings—checking the property for ground leaks and conducting a hardware inspection. As part of our audit we educate our clients, helping to explain both opportunity and liability from a utility standpoint as a result of implementing water saving solutions.

Step 2 – Savings Analysis

Based on the outcome of the audit, our team will present the most cost-effective water/energy conservation management and savings program outlining utility exposure and financial opportunity. This plan maps out water savings solutions, such as water-saving shower heads and water efficient 0.8 GPF toilets etc. Our plan models the financial upside of the water saving solutions detailing the projected ROI of the installation based on gallons of water saved, and an increase in property value.

Properties that reduce water consumption can avoid rising fees and experience financial benefits—both on monthly savings and at the time of sale.

Step 3 – Implementation

Our dedicated, turnkey, in-house teams handle all aspects of the construction-free implementation of water/energy management solutions including replacements of all fixtures in the bathrooms and kitchen–installing low flush toilets, water saving showerheads, faucets/aerators, LED lighting and any preventative maintenance fixtures requested eg CO or smoke detectors, air filters, etc.

It’s our goal to make conservation unavoidable, so efficiency in implementation is a top priority as we try to avoid disrupting any person’s daily routine. We pride ourselves in having both quality and speed.

Step 4 – Result Analysis

Three months post-implementation, we conduct a water savings analysis. We’ll compare water usage and water bills both pre and post installation and calculate the savings that have resulted from the install. If we notice any issues, we will make recommendations for maintenance teams to check for ground leaks and that water meters are read correctly. All of this information will be outlined in a formal water savings report.