Green Financing


We are the one, turnkey, nationwide company you need when it comes to saving money and qualifying your property for its green loans. Our water and energy efficiency programs meet or exceed the minimum Green Loan utility savings requirements set forth by the leading multifamily lenders. Provide us with your green report and we do the rest. 

Step 1 – Provide Green Loan

For those who have received a loan through any of the Green Loan Financing entities such as Freddie Mae, Fannie Mac, HUD etc simply provide us with the actual Green Report provided to you and we do the rest.

Step 2 – Design Savings Program

After thorough review of the Green Report, we will design a plan that would help you meet the full water and energy requirements of your loan. We will provide a proposal and pricing that would fit your property’s needs.

Step 3 – Implementation

Our dedicated, turnkey, in-house teams handle all aspects of implementation of water and energy management solutions including replacements of all fixtures in the bathrooms and kitchen–installing low flush toilets, water saving showerheads, faucets/aerators, LED lighting and any preventative maintenance fixtures requested eg CO or smoke detectors, air filters, etc.

It’s our goal to make conservation unavoidable, so efficiency in implementation is a top priority as we try to avoid disrupting any person’s daily routine. We pride ourselves in having both quality and speed.

Step 4 – Result Analysis

Three months post-implementation, we conduct a water savings analysis. We’ll compare water usage and water bills both pre and post installation and calculate the savings that have resulted from the install. If we notice any issues, we will make recommendations for maintenance teams to check for ground leaks and that water meters are read correctly. All of this information will be outlined in a formal water savings report.