EcoSystems is a full-service provider of comprehensive energy conservation solutions, having administered upgrades to more than 600 properties nationwide. We partner with building owners, investors, and managers who are looking to increase the value of their asset with energy-efficient improvements that will decrease operating expenses and improve Net Operating Income. 

We are a turnkey solution for our partners, delivering on every aspect of an energy efficiency project–whether the property is new construction or retrofit, whole building (core and shell solutions), a single project or integrated. Whatever sector your property lies in–from hospitality and lodging to multifamily, senior living facilities, and commercial and office buildings–we develop a customized plan to achieve your property’s energy and sustainability needs resulting in cost savings a cleaner, greener property. 

For those looking for financial support, EcoSystems also provides counsel on financing solutions available for capital improvement projects.



An increasing number of property owners and managers recognize the need for water and energy conservation and management. Driven by increasing water and energy bills and a push by their residents, often owners and managers do not understand how much of the bill they can affect. We can help.

Step 1 – Assess

Our team will conduct an on-site assessment and outline all areas for improvement. Our overview includes a detailed existing equipment inventory list, which identifies every piece of equipment that consumes energy on the property. The list outlines visuals, quantities of each piece of equipment, rated useful life, and efficiency–all of which is extremely valuable to the maintenance staff and building engineers. The improvements overview also includes specific solutions, estimated or hard bid costs, any incentives or financing available as well as energy and maintenance savings calculations.

Step 2 – Design

We collaborate with diverse teams that specialize in building performance–from owners to investors, managers, new construction teams, and renovation teams for existing properties to optimize energy-efficient solutions for the entire building. We develop a system design, product specifications, value engineering, and energy modeling.

Step 3 – Procurement

Our team sources wholesale pricing for building materials, including lighting, lighting controls, HVAC equipment, HVAC controls, windows, insulation, and water efficiency solutions. By purchasing direct from the manufacturer, we remove one to two layers of markup on materials. We believe in full transparency–negotiating all pricing to levels that allow for more efficient technologies for your property at a fair cost.

Step 4 – Implementation

Our full-service in-house project management team takes the stress off the property maintenance teams by managing the project soup to nuts–this includes contractors and design teams. We provide excellent communication, detailed progress, and budget reports, and execute the installation. We are unique in the industry in that we do not subcontract out any of the work.

Step 5 – Results Analysis

Three months post-installation, we conduct an energy savings analysis. We will compare energy usage and utility bills, both pre and post-installation and calculate the savings that have resulted from the install. Additionally, we can leverage built-in verification services to measure savings on an ongoing basis.